How to get an RSS feed with tons of ‘free’ stories on

In the previous post, I linked to Kevin Rose’ post about the adding a Digg button to the bottom of pages throughout the site. Obviously, the real news in Kevin’s blog post is that every story that is “dugg” becomes “free” if accessed through Digg. In other words, if you’ve ever wanted to link to a story but couldn’t because you didn’t have a subscription — or you don’t link to articles that most people can’t access, you now have a hole through their paywall. This means that people like me, who have never before clicked on a Digg button, will be doing lots of clicking (I have a subscription) so I can help the executives “free” while not really “flipping the switch” immediately.

You also have a way to get the “free” headlines delivered to you via RSS.

As Digg offers an RSS feed of search terms, I tried out a search for the term with the “sort-newest-first” option selected. With an RSS feed of that search result you can, well, do all the RSS tricks you want. For example, in addition to the obvious thing you can do — add it to an RSS newsreader — you can display headlines on your Google/ig (or iGoogle) page (or the gazillion other Ajaxy personalized home pages out there) like this:

I’d really rather be sending any traffic directly to and not to Digg. If, for example, they started their journey to free by removing the paywall-filter from several of their category RSS feeds….

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