Why I love being a Nashville blogger

As I’ve said many times, when I started blogging in 2000, I had no idea there would ever be such a thing as a hyphenated-blogger — as in tech-blogger, political-blogger, mommy-blogger, hyper-local-blogger, etc. For that matter, when I started blogging, I had no idea that someone who used a blogging-platform to maintain a website would be called “a blogger.”

However, because I live in Nashville and blog sometimes about life here, I discovered a few years ago that in addition to just blogging about whatever it is I blog about, from time-to-time, I get to be hyphenated as a Nashville-blogger. That has been a great discovery for me, as through that designation, I’ve met many great people I would have likely never encountered through, say, standing behind them in a line at the Pancake Pantry.

As I have a “Nashville” folder in my RSS newsreader, I also get a steady river of posts from other Nashville-bloggers. What I read there is refreshingly different from the stream of news I read on Techmeme. And sometimes, it is fascinating beyond description. Like a post this morning from Sharon Cobb about the 25th anniversary of a heavy-weight championship fight and her ex-husband, who got beat up for 15 rounds that evening.

Astounding stuff one learns by reading hyperlocal and other hyphenated blogs.