Google maps goes collaborative

Okay, it’s already established that I’m a Google Maps “My Maps” fan-boy. For example, here is the first “My Map” I created, a trail map of a Greenway near my home. Today, the Google Maps team announced they’ve added a collaborative feature to My Maps. I’m trying out the new feature on the map embedded below. If you’d like to add something to the map, click here and see what you can do. I believe you have to have a Google ID and be logged-in to edit it. I think I set it where anyone can edit it — however that’s one of the things I’m testing.

I’ve replaced the map I originally embedded below with a community map of East Nashville that Jackson Miller started. It’s not only a cool way to see what a collaborative map can be, it is also something that could be helpful to lots of people. Cool stuff, Jackson.

Click for larger view or to edit