Consumer advice

It’s December 1. (Sorry to break that news to any of you who may be thinking November just got started.) I realized it is December because I was just notified by Amazon that my “sold out” Kindle that was not going to be available until December 6 has just shipped. I mention this only because some over-hyping eBay sellers are suggesting the Kindle is going to be sold out until after Christmas (note: Amazon is saying the Kindle is temporarily out of stock — as my order indicates, they are not out of stock until after Christmas ).

Update: Despite evidence (a UPS tracking number that says my Kindle has been picked up in Louisville, Ky., to prove that Amazon has Kindles and is shipping them, apparently they are indeed saying they’ll not be available until after Christmas.

Note: Who knows? I may be selling a used Kindle on eBay in time for Christmas.

That reminds me: The 17-year-old is selling his PS2 with some Guitar Hero games and wireless guitar controller bundled-in. The auction ends tomorrow. With the proceeds and some help from Santa, he hopes to move his virtuosic Guitar Hero skills to an X-Box 360. Only Santa knows if his strategy will succeed.