My interview at with Rex Sorgatz about the fimoculous list of lists

I’ve started contributing some magazine-centric posts to Folio Magazine‘s newly relaunched and blogtastic website. I’ll point a link that way anytime I add a new post over there, but if you are in the magazine world, you should check out the greatly enhanced Dylan Stableford-edited site.

My first post at Folio: updates an interview I posted on a couple of years ago with my friend and fellow-Rex, Rex Sorgatz ( about his annual list of lists.

In today’s interview, I asked specifically about the lists he discovers that originate in magazines and for any advice he may have for editors who compile such lists.

As always, Sorgatz dispenses some witty and insightful nuggets.

My favorite:

Me: Do you have a favorite list of all time?

Sorgatz: The Bill of Rights. It totally trumped The Ten Commandments.

Thanks, Rex.

Link: The full interview.