Nietzsche endorses Huckabee

Huckabee Campaign Ad

Nietzsche Campaign Ad

While I hate to admit that I’m actively trying to avoid all news related to the campaign for President of the United States of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, my oblivion made it extremely entertaining when I checked in over the weekend to discover that Hope, Ark., is a real town and not just a fictionalized Mayberry created by director Jeffrey Tuchman for that documentary at the 1992 Democratic Party Convention. If Hope native Mike Huckabee actually does become President one day, I recommend the military treat Hope like Area 51 — there’s got to be aliens landing there. Mike Huckabee? I thought Ron Paul was supposed to be the Howard Dean of 2008 — when did Huckabee get that role? Like I said, I’ve been actively avoiding the polling-horse-race aspects of the New-Hampshire/Iowa/South Carolina Presidential campaign so I totally missed that Chuck Norris is “willing” Huckabee to be President. Speaking of Ãœbermensch (the German word for “Chuck Norris”), I’m predicting the ad embedded at the right will help spike up the polling numbers of the Nietzsche campaign, despite their unfortunate early choice of “God is Dead” as a slogan.