Scoble rumor – Robert may join a, OMG, magazine company

TechCrunch is rumorizing that Robert Scoble may be joining FastCompany in January to start something called FastCompany TV. Robert, who comes closer than anyone I know to living his online life in real-time (I believe it was Fred Wilson who once described Robert that way), is, himself, a media brand — at least in one corner of the tech and blogosphere — more powerful than the FastCompany brand (in that important corner of the Internet). Mansueto & Co. could benefit greatly from Robert’s traffic magnetism — and community building savvy. (Sidenote: To my friends: Put Robert in charge of reviving the moribund Company of Friends brand that your predecessors drove into the ground in perhaps the most amazingly unstrategic moves in magazines-online history.)

If this all works out, it seems like a huge acqhirsition could happen that’s a winner for all.

Later: For the record, Robert commented on the TechCrunch post that while he’s leaving PodTech, he still has not finalized his plans. Like I said, Robert lives life in real-time.

Much later: A couple of days late, but here’s a link to Robert’s post on his departure from PodTech.