All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need

Here’s a way to save lots of time during the next month. Ignore all articles you see that predict what will be announced at Macworld on January 15. My post from September 5, 2006 is all you’ll need. The specifications (smaller, faster, cooler) for stuff always improve, but the fundamentals change slowly. For the record, if Apple does, indeed, announce an ultra-sub-compact-portable-light-weight-nano-Macbook, I will declare Rumor #3 fulfilled if it has a touchscreen.

Side observation: As much as I like the touchscreen on the iPhone, I’m now questioning whether a keyboard-less device is capable of becoming my primary travel-device. Using the Kindle has caused me to decide a device without a real keyboard can never replace a laptop. I want to talk back when I’m reading — and I need a real keyboard — not a virtual one, or, those toy keys on the Kindle.