The Titans need a fight song

I agree with Matt Wilson of the Nashville City Paper who believes the Tennessee Titans need a fight song. It’s crazy that an NFL team whose home-town is Music City USA has no fight song. When they were the Houston Oilers, they had one — the same one the Miami Dolphins have, except for the obvious substitution of names. Here’s that blast from the Franchise history’s past. (Warning: Listening to either the Dolphins or Oilers songs can cause irreparable damage to some part of your brain.)

While I’m not that familiar with many NFL fight songs, I’m a fairly astute player of “name that tune” when it involves college fight songs. However, there is one NFL fight song that I do know and love: The Redskins Fight Song. It has somewhat of a sordid past as some of its earlier versions flunked political correctness tests on multi-levels. For example, in addition to the obvious native-American issues, the line “fight for old D.C.,” used to be “fight for old Dixie” — back when the Redskins were the only NFL team below-the-Mason-Dixon Line.

When I lived in Washington in the early 1980s, I was a big Redskins fan (how could I not be when they played in two Superbowls — and won one — while I lived there?). I’ve long-since transferred my NFL fanaticism to the Titans, but I still get all fired up when I hear Hail to the Redskins. Now that’s a fight song, complete with a spot for a good, screaming: Rah! Rah! Rah!.

For the record, there has been a “team song” for the Titans/Oilers franchise since it moved to Tennessee. Before the team’s name was changed to the Titans, Ronnie Dunn (of Brooks & Dunn) co-wrote and recorded a team song that was distributed to fans on a CD. I can’t remember anything about it other than it was really bad. (Sidenote: Proof once again: You can find anything on eBay.)