Tennessean.com has pre-launched a softer, gentler, facebookier new site

Following USA Today and other newspapers owned by Gannett, the Nashville Tennessean is in the process of relaunching its website with new “social media” and personalization tools. It even has a catchy new Web 2.0ish slogan: “Powered by You and The Tennessean.

The pre-release version of the site can be seen at beta.tennessean.com. As with USA Today and other newspapers in the Gannett chain, the new site’s social media features are being run on the SiteLife platform from the Austin-based company, Pluck.

Observation: Pluck recently announced plans to develop features for SiteLife that utilize Facebook and OpenSocial APIs, leading, in theory at least, to some far and distant promised land where one can centralize and manage ones identity and online activities with a little more ease. Did I say far and distant?

Opinion: My favorite online version of the Tennessean continues to be m.tennessean.com, the stripped down mobile version.