How not to be ‘that’ blogger – Lesson #1: Don’t be gullible

Merry Christmas Eve, or, as we call it on the blogosphere, the second easiest day of the year to get a great spot on Techmeme. Tomorrow is the easiest.

Matthew Ingram gets the whole ‘slow tech-blogging day’ thing and explains how Fake Steve got it too. Matthew also wonders if FS is getting desperate:

“A desperate cry for attention on Fake Steve’s part? I wonder. For awhile now I’ve been wondering how much longer FS could continue, now that everyone is in on the joke. Can a blog based on satire continue to work once everyone knows who’s behind it? I’m not sure. But when you have to resort to lashing out at the likes of yours truly — as FS did when I wrote my Think Secret post — maybe it’s time to turn out the lights.

I’m astute enough to realize that Matthew isn’t really writing about Fake Steve — he couldn’t care less about Fake Steve. Matthew is having some fun, himself. He’s having Techmeme fun.

If you discovered my post via Techmeme, then you know also that I’m having Techmeme fun as well.

But back to the point that I really don’t care about: I tend to agree with Matthew. FS is no longer funny. What’s funny is when people who should know better even speculate that a parody blog actually is the source of real news. That’s right up there with some Chinese newspaper basing a story on a report from the Onion.

This morning, I noticed a link from Doc Searls to a website called News Groper that is an aggregator of parody weblogs. Some funny stuff there. But a word of caution to the humor-challenged: It’s all made up. See, that’s what parody is all about. It’s like someone pretending something is happening and sorta poking fun at it by taking that situation to an extreme. It’s all done in jest, see.

I promise, even if you’re one of those literal people who feel the need to believe every thing you read, if you stop thinking there are “FACTS” on a website that starts out with the word “FAKE” you’ll get the whole humor thing a lot better.

Merry Christmas, blogosphere. Merry Christmas, Matthew. Merry Christmas, Gabe.