8 unpredictions about unconferences in 2008

Actually, these are more like un-guesses, than un-predictions:

1. Sometime early in January, say January 3rd, a big traditional business media company will get into the business of unconferences.

2. By February 28, every event and business-media company in the country will have an “un-conference” division.

3. In June, IDG will announce that the 2009 Macworld Expo is being renamed Macworld UnExpo.

4. In July, Apple’s lawyers will sue several hundred people for using the words pod and camp in the same sentence.

5. In August, there will be a big controversy involving how corporate sponsors have taken over unconferences and how great things were back when unconferences really were unconferences — oh, and another thing, how come there are so few un-white-males attending them?

6. In September, 30,000 trade-show and association executives will attend the First Annual UnConferenceCon and UnTradeshow at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

7. In November, NPR will air a week-long series on the history of Unconferences and leave out Dave Winer because the producer forgets to Google the question, “What is an unconference?”

8. In December, the word “unconference” is included in words of the year and words that should be banished.