I love this elementary school playground called the tech blogosphere

Hey, I’d like to send this song out to all the folks who’ve been kicked off and reinstated on Facebook today. (For people who have lives, Shel Israel provides an executive summary of what this is about.) I personally think one should be able to export contact information from those who have voluntarily (via something akin to what used to be called a “double opt-in” system) “friended” you, but apparently some typically intelligent individuals I know disagree. And, I’m sure that if you are violating a terms of usage agreement by using bots that scrape data — all of which sound excruciatingly painful — you perhaps should have your hand slapped. One good thing: Because of this 12-hour tempest in a blog cup, I encountered for the first time the term affordance (the quality of an object, or an environment, that allows an individual to perform action) via a post (actually, a Twitter tweet about a post) by Kevin Marks. I’ll admit I’m still not 100% sure what affordance means, but that won’t stop me from dropping it randomly into future conversations and blog posts. Thanks, Kevin.

P.S. I guess this song can also be dedicated to those who lose tonight in the Iowa caucuses.