History of blogging: The Movie

Scott Rosenberg is working on a book about the history of blogging. I’m thinking of writing a book, also. Mine will be a detailed look at the history of books about blogging.

Made me start thinking: What actors will play what roles if the book becomes a movie? (Feel free to comment below.) (Actually, I’m thinking if it makes it to film, it’s more likely to be animation — or perhaps a schlock thriller.)

Note: Lameness aside, I think Scott is an excellent author for a book I believe is much needed. I look forward to reading it. Back in July, Scott was kind enough to point to a post I made on the subject of a need for such a history — or “histories,” as I suggested. Glad he’s doing it.

Rexblog Flashbacks: In 2004, I wrote a rather long post about books I thought were “accidentally” about blogging. A few weeks before that, I wrote a brief post suggesting that before a “blogging book war” broke out, all the authors should surrender and find other topics. That today there are 320 books one can buy on Amazon that have the word “blog” in the title obviously proves no one took my advice. (Add in phrases like weblog, blogging, etc., and you’ll find many more.)