Do page views really matter to your business model?

On a new blog at called “Custom Media Craft,” I’ve just posted a “think piece” called 2008: The Year of Mediacasting, along with a sidebar post called 8 Mediacasting Ideas for 2008.


“The goal of most corporate and association marketers should be to use digital and online content to generate actions, not to attract eyeballs. The content doesn’t need to be on your website — the content needs to be in the hands, and ears, and eyes, and heads of your members or customers. Unless your business model is advertising, page views are not the correct metric to measure your online strategy. Action, engagement, sales, enrollment, loyalty, retention, increased contributions, advocacy and education are business goals that require you to get your message (“content”) to your audience — in any way they want to receive it. In 2008, let your content extend beyond your website. Cast it out in any way you can.”

Read the rest: here.