Advertising and blogging and blog-advertising

This “told-you-so” post by Michael Arrington regarding advertising on Robert Scoble’s blog is so inside ball I hesitate to comment, however when did such hesitation stop me before, so, here’s my observation: A long time ago, didn’t carry advertising, but it has always been advertising. It was advertising (marketing?) to create and build Brand Robert. Robert wasn’t trying to monetize his blog, he was trying to monetize Brand Robert. That strategy worked so that Brand Robert and all its brand extensions have been acquired (or perhaps more correctly described, aqhired) by a media company that has an advertising business model. In other words, Brand Robert’s new stewards will now be monetizing Brand Robert and its brand extensions using a media company business model.

For the record, my blog still doesn’t “carry” advertising — it is advertising.

Also, for the record: I love advertising and am involved in numerous media programs, projects and properties that have an advertising business model.