How to tell a story with a T-shirt


At, we have a map mash-up where people with whom we work (our clients, free-lance network of contributors, vendors and other friends — even several folks who follow me on Twitter joined in when I invited them to participate with a Christmas Day tweet) are posting photos of themselves wearing a T-shirt we’ve mailed to them. “Every T-shirt has a story” is the theme of this year’s version of our annual tradition. For each five shirt photos added, we’re donating funds for a computer to the One Laptop Per Child Foundation (up to 20 computers). Today, the incredible photo above (larger version) was posted on the map by a Bay-area photographer we work with regularly, Eric Millette. It was such an interesting photo, I emailed Eric to find out more about how he came up with the idea and captured the image. I thought some of my photographry-blogging friends might find interesting the short Q&A I’ve posted on our company’s Custom Media Craft blog.

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