Super Wednesday: A curated reading list

I’ll be adding to this post throughout the day as I run across posts and articles that I think helped me understand exactly what happened yesterday: Did Obama or Clinton win Super Tuesday? by John Dickerson. Quote: “In a political year during which the conventional wisdom has taken beating after beating, perhaps no assumption has been made more obsolete than the idea that the front-loaded primary system would foist an early winner on the American people.”

The New Republic: Who Won Super Tuesday? by John Judis. Quote: “Hillary Clinton won the big states she had to win, and arrested Barack Obama’s momentum, but she is going to have problems with white male voters. Obama is having trouble with white working-class voters and Latinos.”

Huffington Post: Analysis: Clinton and Obama Start Anew. Quote: “The grand spectacle of Super Tuesday’s coast-to-coast nominating contests marked a turning point in the Democratic presidential contest from euphoric election night victories to painstaking delegate counting.” Mark your calendars: The Dem race has no end in sight. Quote: “As of yesterday, there was an end in sight; now, no one knows how long this could last and if there are plausible scenarios in which the nomination is settled prior to the convention. Five reasons Hillary should be worried, by Jim VandelHei and Mike Allen. Quote – “It figures to be another month before Clinton hits a stretch of states — places like Ohio and Pennsylvania — where she will be strongly favored to win. So it couldn’t be any clearer as to why the supposedly inevitable candidacy is anything but — even when she’s supposedly winning..”