Nashville is blogging and Twittering about tornados

Nashville is Talking’s Christian Grantham has a collection of links to posts by area bloggers regarding the tornados that passed through the area last night. Also, as I typically read his posts via an RSS newsreader and not on the site, this is the first time I’ve noticed the site’s “Nashville Tweets” feature that aggregates Twitter posts from area users of the service. Looks like something fun, but last night, it also served as very helpful service in aggregating messages posted on Twitter (tweets) directly related to a breaking disaster story, something I’ve written about before and that others with the resources and know-how to make it happen are doing.

Remember: Seeing the opportunity of repurposing toys into something that can save lives starts with playing with toys.

Sidenote: Thanks to those who have emailed and “messaged” me regarding the bad weather here. Those of us at Hammock were fortunate to miss any direct damage from the storms.

Bonus link: On his Hammock “People Page,” Bill Hudgins writes about the tornado that touched down in his hometown of Gallatin last night — and recalls a similar experience two years ago that he wrote about on this weblog.