Digital is dead

Print is dead, you say. Are you smoking crack? When will you people stop denying the fact that in the future, all videogames — indeed all media — will migrate to print. Just accept the facts, okay: People don’t want “virtual reality,” we want reality.

What? Do you need more proof that human beings are wired to want digital media converted into media made of atoms? Why is it that the artists among us are the first to figure this stuff out. Here’s a video from a couple of years ago:

Note for the humor-challenged: This is a joke. I don’t actually believe digital media will be extinct in the next decade or so. However, I do believe Google has plans to place giant push-pins on every square foot of the world.

Bonus link: I’m not sure I can connect the dots, but here’s a link to a story in the NY Times about new attractions at a Disney theme park that will focus on “bringing to life” things that were created digitally.

(Super Mario video via: engadget.)

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