Why all Conde Nast magazine articles should be free online

I could have just added this link to my link blog, however, it needs just a little bit more of a shout-out. So, here’s a quote from a post titled Why All Consumer Magazines Should be Free Online by Felix Salmon in the Market Movers blog of CondeNast Portfolio.com:

“Publishing in full isn’t just about maximizing web traffic, either: it’s also about not pissing off your readers. When I read a great article in the Atlantic, I want to blog it; many other people in my position will at the very least want to be able to email it to their friends and colleagues. None of that is really possible unless and until it’s online. And since the internet thrives on the new, and hates the old, people want to link to you when the magazine comes out. No one wants to link to you weeks later, when it’s old news.

As “publishing in full” also means making ones archives available, I suggest this post be distributed around CondeNast, as well.