SXSW – Yes I’ll be there (a progressive post)

It’s Friday morning and I’m in the office all day today. Sometime after work, I’m flying to Austin for three days of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. I say sometime because it’s supposed to be at 7:30 p.m., but the weather predictions here in Nashville are calling for a “Winter Storm Warning” starting around 6 p.m. Having lived in Nashville most of my life, I ignore such warnings until I can confirm them with my own eyes, so I’m still planning on leaving at that time.

I won’t be blogging about SXSW on this blog, although later today, I’ll point to a URL where, however I will be blogging at along with other people from Hammock who will be there. We’re going to be aggregating all our posts and Twitter “tweets” and photos and videos at one spot this year.

My friend Taylor McKnight has created a really cool scheduling tool so I can point to a page that shows the panels I may attend, although I always tend to change my mind.

I haven’t packed yet, so maybe I’ll find Tantek Çelik’s SXSW packing tips helpful.

Stickers: If you see me (or anyone from Hammock), ask for a sticker — it’s what one does at SXSW.

More to come…