Comparing the first ‘luggable’ Mac with the MacBook Air

Recently, I told Britt Blaser I’d love to see a photo comparing the MacBook Air with the Dynamac, the first “legal” portable Mac, “cloned” by a company he founded back in the day. With photos by Doc Searls, here is his comparison.


“We were the first legal Apple Mac derivative: a 16-pound luggable and pluggable Mac Plus and later Mac Se/30 clone. Apple loved us because we had committed to an untenable proposition: that a small, under-capitalized company in Denver could purchase Macs from Apple at a slight discount and re-assemble the parts and some of our own inventions into an interesting and useful flat Mac. For a while in the late 1980’s, Dynamac was the MacBook Air of its day, and we appeared on three magazine covers on three continents.”

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