Links for March 27, 2008

For some reason, there seems to be a problem with the automagic feature of that makes a daily post here of all the sites I’ve bookmarked during the previous 24 hours. Until I (or they) get it figured out, I’ll leave this post open for a 24 hour period and add links to it: re-orgs |

Congrats to Rafat, Staci on the solid strategy they are executing. And while I’m on this topic, what’s with the early-morning weirdness from Silicon Alley Insider this a.m.? In what can only be described as bizarre, Henry Blodget wrote — and then took down — some of the most misleading crap I’ve seen him write since, say, around 2000.

The Atlantic Hires Away Publisher of Wired |

Quote: “For Mr. Lauf, 44, the move is more unorthodox, taking him from a larger, more lucrative magazine to a smaller, less prosperous one. Observation: What’s so unorthodox about that? Most magazine publishers today are moving from larger more lucrative magazines to smaller, less prosperous ones — without even changing jobs.

The Internet Effect on News | TIME

Quote: “If you say something provocatively, in a new way, or with an unexpected spin, you will succeed online. If you play it safe, you will not. So we see the difference in style between the Politico story and, say, Adam Nagourney’s more nuanced story on the same topic a day earlier or again in another story today. Suffice it to say, Friday’s Politico story earned a Drudge link over the weekend, and Nagourney’s did not. That’s money in the bank for Politico.”