Happy April Fools Day from the Lame-o Police

I did my ranting early this year so I’ll skip my annual post marveling at the paint-by-numbers blog posts that certain tech publishers believe are funny. If April Fools Day proves anything, it is this: Funny is in the eye of the beholder.

Yuke it up, away…

(Later) April Fool’s Links:

Google Blogoscoped’s Running list of Google-related Jokes/Pranks.

Wikipedia’s list of 2008 pranks (but where’s the list of pranks being done on Wikipedia?)

This list of Info World attempts at prank articles should convince anyone that tech-writers should sleep-in on April 1. Actually, the InfoWorld articles are funny, but only because they are so not funny. The formula is this: __________ buys ___________. or ______________ sues ___________. or ___________ launches ______________. Fill in the blank and hit publish and call it a prank.

Pranks I think are actually funny:

YouTube is rickrolling all its featured videos. If you don’t know what this means, it won’t be funny, proving once more, funny is in the eye of the person being rickrolled.

The blogger behind “A Photo Editor” has a funny post about Annie Leibovitz signing a deal with Flickr, complete with screengrabs. Sure, it’s formulaic, but the titles on the Flickr sets make up for it.

This prank-article at Businessweek.com by Roben Farzad about how Henry Blodget has become a “must-read.” LOL!