Man, that Andreessen dude sure can blog

This analysis of the potential legal and strategic actions that may kick in if Microsoft decides to pursue a “hostile takeover” of Yahoo! is text-book thorough, but written with such clarity that even I can follow it.

As analysis on the topic, it rivals anything produced by the New York Times or Wall Street Journal.

What makes it unique is that it’s written as a personal blog-post by one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation, Marc Andreessen. For the post, he taps into the legal expertise of two leading San Francisco attorneys, but the “voice” of the piece is clearly (for those who read his blog) that of Andreessen.

If that billionaire gig doesn’t work out, Marc Andreesen sure would make a great editor.

Why? Because, as I noted the other day, in an age of information shuffling, the only writing that is of great value anymore is that which explains why something matters. Not only does Andreessen’s post explain with authority and clarity the nuance of corporate take-overs, he also explains to his readers (mainly tech industry executives and startup entrepreneurs) why it all matters:


“We are learning that hostile takeovers have arrived in our industry. This is the second major hostile takeover so far — the other was Oracle’s takeover of Peoplesoft — but there will be more. This is significant because historically hostile takeovers practically never happened in technology. Potential hostile acquirors assumed that hostile takeovers wouldn’t work because the target company’s employees would bail and the target company’s business would collapse.”

One of the best days on the blogosphere was the day Marc Andreessen decided to start blogging.