Great maketing is a great story shared well

Everything I believe about marketing can be summed up in one sentence: “Successful marketing is a great story shared well.”

If you’ve ever visited the website of the place I work, you know that.

So, when I point to this New York Times piece about the books written by Barack Obama, “A Career Forged by Telling His Story,” it’s not a political statement, but it is an endorsement of the idea that great stories well told are the key to any cause worth joining, any product or service worth buying or any candidate worth electing.


“Senator Obama understands as well as any politician the power of a well-told story. He has risen in politics less on his track record than on his telling of his life story — a tale he has packaged into two hugely successful books that have made him a mega-best-selling, two-time Grammy-winning millionaire front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination at age 46. According to his publisher, there are more than three million copies of his books in print — and two more on the way.

More, later.