It’s the day for re-booting the rumor mill

I’m in Washington D.C. today, attending the Small Business Summit sponsored by NFIB and eBay. For those of you who help produce events, you may find the media-gallery we’re producing of interest. It is aggregating Flickr, YouTube and Twitter updates several people are adding throughout the conference.

One thing that means is that I’ll be tied up during the Stevenote at today’s WWDC (for regular people, that’s shorthand for saying I won’t be able to hear what Steve Jobs announces about the iPhone today, live, while he’s speaking.)

I’ve seen plenty of rumors over the past few weeks and as many people who read this blog know, I have a two-year-old list of rumors that still has a few items to mark out, some of which I may be able to do today.

As for me, the only break-through feature that will cause me to trade up to the new iPhone is video — specifically the ability to stream video using services like iPhone video iChat is taking the phone to the next level and (as you can see from my two-year-old rumor list) something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Anyway, have a fun day.

P.S. Here are some early morning D.C. photos from a jog I took before the heat (and meeting) sets in.

 End of day update: Oh well. I won’t be standing in line for this version — no video iChat and the camera is still on the wrong side of the phone — however, I’m sure it will be really swell to have such a scorching phone. Ironically, I already pay for AT&T 3G as that is what powers my cellular broadband I use on my MacBook Air (indeed, I’m using it now). I’ve been very pleased with AT&T 3G and, while it may just be my imagination, it seems to be moving faster lately.