How the Internet is like a half-full or half-empty glass of red wine

Yesterday, I pointed to the Nick Carr article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”* I think by “stupid,” he meant we can no longer read past a sentence or two anywhere without feeling the need to click away (on that we agree, so I haven’t read his entire article). Today, however, I’m reading that a Pew report indicates that the Internet is causing adults to get involved more in political conversation and to contribute to the politicians of their choice. So, in that way, perhaps the Internet is making us smarter. Of course, this is similar to a post I made earlier this month in which I pointed to a story about studies suggesting blogging is healthy for some people, while other studies suggest it’s harmful in certain ways.

Conclusion: The Internet is like red wine. Despite all the studies proving it’s good for you, drinking too much of it constantly can make you stupid and addicted.

*A recurring rant: Whenever an editor puts a “?” at the end of a headline, I wonder why I’m reading the article. Are they asking the reader for the answer? Are they hedging their bets? Hey, you sold me the magazine — you’re the writer. You tell me, don’t ask me.

[Photo credit: robsmith-qld via Flickr.]