Amazon displays how NOT to promote a new service

This morning, emailed me (and I assume a gazillion other participants in its affiliate program) a promotion to check out its “Your Video Widget” service that includes a feature like the new “annotation tool” on YouTube. But with Amazon, the creator of the video can annotate the video with links to products on Amazon. If the viewer clicks through and purchases the item, the video creator will receive a commission. While I’ve never had much luck with affiliate revenues (on other sites, not here), it sounds like a great idea for review-intensive content sites.

But here’s the problem. When I clicked through to learn about the new service, the “demo” version of the new feature would not allow me to see the featured products. In other words, the feature being demo’d didn’t work on the demo. All I got was a video with a message that looked like this:

Not a good way to launch a feature, Amazon.