Getty to extend the long-tail of its image collection with talent it discovers on Flickr

The Yahoo!-owned photo-sharing service Flickr today announced a “partnership” with the digital media licensing firm Getty Images to offer a Flickr-branded collection on . Photo editors from Getty will select images and photographers who post photos on Flickr and will invite them to participate in the program.

According to the announcement , “Getty Images has the best editors globally taking the pulse of the market. In the next several months, they will be exploring Flickr’s collection of public photos and inviting some of these photographers to be part of the Flickr collection on Getty Images.”

Clients of Getty Images (basically, every design studio, advertising agency and media company in the world) will then be able to purchase the rights to the selected Flickr photographs.

Bottomline: Flickr is NOT setting up an arrangement where anyone can purchase the rights to all photos on Flickr. Any person who shares photos on Flickr has a way to easily control the rights granted on their photos — and even who can see the photos they post. What this means is that Getty will be searching through Flickr for talented photographers who may not today be professionals, but who may have work that could extend the “long tail ” of Getty’s collection.

Here’s a FAQ that Flickr has started regarding the program.

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