IKEA, Nashville, small business. How could I not blog about this?

I’m aware of IKEA’s success and fan-following, but I’ll admit, when it comes to shopping for anything that doesn’t plug in, I try to avoid all forms of the retail experience. But even in Nashville, where we have no IKEA, it’s a store that still has a big following. So much so, that two clever guys, Nick Ray and David Molnar, created a niche business called ModerNash that transports IKEA merchandise from the Atlanta store for pickup in Nashville*.

Featured today on the entrepreneurial niche-idea website, Springwise, ModerNash allows customers to submit their orders on its website, ModerNash.com, and the company will pick up the items in Atlanta and even assemble the furniture (for $25 per hour). They will handle returns (even for customers who didn’t order through ModerNash) and have partnered with some Nashville kitchen and cabinet installers for bigger jobs.

The idea is, conceptually, a bit like other companies that have sprung up to assist people in selling and purchasing things on eBay — concepts Springwise calls “feeder” businesses. I like these ideas because they follow a classic small business success strategy of finding a way to meet a need that is narrow and one where customers quickly become fans if you serve them well.

The obvious threat to ModerNash is that one day IKEA will open a store in Nashville. But by then, I’m sure they will have opened ModernKnoxville.

*Perhaps a commenter can add information about where they are located. Their website does not include that information.