Titans Game-day Tweets (an experiment)

This post is an experiment that uses the RSS feed from the search feature of Twitter for the term “titans.” It is supposed to update throughout the day with any post to Twitter that includes the word “Titans” (note to Twitter users: you do NOT have to use a “#” (hash mark) for your tweet to show up). I’ve already noticed what I consider to be a glitch. The feed does not identify the user name of the person adding the comment. However, as this is an experiment set up in about five minutes using the “widget maker” SprintWidgets, I’ll let it go. Warning: Anything with the word Titans will show up in this feed, so there will be some random things that show up. Also, I have no idea what type of lag-time there will be between the time a tweet is posted and time it shows up here.

(Widget Removed)