Where to find information about Hurricane Ike


During the days preceding the landfall of Hurricane Gustav, I pointed to an online community and wiki developed by individuals, many of whom were veterans of the post-Katrina online efforts building on their previous experience and information. That effort has now evolved into Hurricanes08.org and includes:

The Hurricane Information Center: A social network utilizing the Ning platform. The site is aggregating information and content from many sources, including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and an array of news sources and RSS feeds.

HurricaneWiki.org: This wiki — a great model for any agency that needs to put together an easy-to-edit evolving repository of information — is based on the earlier Gustav wiki which built upon the work of earlier efforts like The KatrinaHelp wiki and TsunamiHelp.

The wiki has a growing list of directories of all types of Ike-related information including weather tracking services and lists of bloggers, Twitter-users, news-media and government agencies who are providing on-going coverage of the storm.