Dell joins Facebook to friend small businesses

Today, Dell’s Small & Media Business (SMB) online marketing group launched a Facebook “community and guide” (translation: page) designed to help educate small business owners on “how to harness the power of social media to reach and serve their customers.” Dell is calling the Facebook “community and guide” Social Media for Small Business.


According to Dell, the Facebook group/community/page will include:

Guides on how to use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Screencast introductions to social-media tools
A discussion board
Best-practice sharing including a featured small or medium business of the week
Deals and news from Dell Small and Medium Business

According to this post by J.J. Davis, “early adopters” — I guess that means fans — will receive $100 in Facebook ad credits.

Earlier this year, Visa launched the Visa Business Network application on Facebook.

[Note: Dell is an advertiser in a magazine published by Hammock Inc., however, I discovered this news via, well, Twitter. How else?]

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