Life goes on


I don’t typically blog about the launching and closing of magazines or magazine-related online ventures. However, when it involves a once grand, but now abused, magazine brand, I make exceptions. So, here’s a brief timeline of this topic on RexBlog:

September 22, 2004: I blogged about the hype oozing from the Time Inc. press release announcing the “Largest Magazine Rollout in Time Inc. History” — a plan to use the Life brand on a magazine that would be delivered on Fridays as a newspaper insert. A few days later, I wrote another post following up on the same theme.

March 26, 2007: Time Inc. issued a press release announcing it was shuttering the newspaper-delivered Life but was working on “a plan to launch a major portal to put its entire collection of 10 million images online.”

September 23, 2008: (I wonder if they know it’s four years, almost to the day of the 2004 announcement.) While not using that 10 million number anymore, today Time Inc. announced a new joint-venture with Getty Images for a new that will will “provide access to the most comprehensive iconic and professional photography collections available anywhere online.”

Quotes from the 2004 Press Release:

Bill Shapiro (Life managing editor): “We wanted to create a magazine that people would feel as well as read. LIFE is designed to help people connect: from the images that capture a world of emotions, to tips and ideas to help people make the time they spend with friends and family more special.”

Andy Blau (Life President): “We are thrilled with the debut issue of LIFE. From the iconic photography to ideas for weekend activities, LIFE helps people get the most of out the two most important days of the week.”

Quotes from the 2008 Press Release:

Bill Shapiro ( editor): “Only three percent of the LIFE archive has been seen by the public. This site will put everything on display. You’ll be able to look at the biggest events of yesterday and the stories making news today with just a couple of clicks.”

Andy Blau (Life President): “Image search is the fastest-growing type of online search, and will satisfy the public’s desire for quality and relevant imagery through a visually pleasing and easy-to-browse website.”