Who’s to blame?

If I were in a sinking rowboat out in the middle of an ocean and the only way to save the boat was to throw an ideologue overboard, I would not hesitate to do so.

Anyone who is now telling their constituents they voted against "socialism" yesterday is who I am blaming for the future negative impact their "do-nothing" inaction will have on the economy.

Yesterday’s vote was not a chance to vote against socialism, it was a chance to vote against drowning.

Later – Bonus link: If you’d like the annotated version of this post, I’ve just discovered it: This profoundly insightful essay by David Brooks. Every word of it is brilliant. Quote:

"The Congressional plan was nobody’s darling, but it was an effort to assert some authority. It was an effort to alter the psychology of the markets. People don’t trust the banks; the bankers don’t trust each other. It was an effort to address the crisis of authority in Washington. At least it might have stabilized the situation so fundamental reforms of the world’s financial architecture could be undertaken later. But the 228 House members who voted no have exacerbated the global psychological free fall, and now we have a crisis of political authority on top of the crisis of financial authority.

Even later – Another bonus link: Another must read: Steven Pearlstein in the Washington Post.