Welcome to Nashville


From Paul Chenoweth’s Flickr Set: Belmont Debate ’08.

I know that most of the people who read this blog are not from Nashville. However, my style of blogging has always been to keep it personal. And one of the most personal things about me is my love of a place I call home, Nashville, Tennessee. Unlike a lot of people, the first thing I think of when I hear the word Nashville is not music — however, I’m glad most of the world does.

When I hear the word Nashville, I think of the types of images any of you think of when you hear the name of your hometown. Your family and friends. The schools your kids attend. Your place of worship. The activities you enjoy. The music and movie superstars you see every time you go to the grocery store.

From time-to-time, I offer glimpses into those things on this blog, and even moreso on my “tumble log,” RexHammock.com, and during Titans games, obsessively so on Twitter where I’m known as “@r.

Many of you will be visiting a bit of Nashville tonight as you tune into the second Presidential Debate. It is being held at Nashville’s Belmont University, a few blocks from where I write most of the posts that appear on this blog.

As a welcome to Nashville, I thought I’d point out some behind the scenes links that you might enjoy before tonight’s “town hall” style event takes place:

My friend and fellow Nashville blogger and Tweetster Paul Chenoweth has been working behind the scenes on the debate for months and has a wonderful set of photos on Flickr related to the preparations.

Allison Groves of the Nashville web development, search and marketing firm Sitening, recently posted a video of a tour Paul gave her of the media center (for 3,000 visiting journalists) that has been constructed for tonight’s event.

Also, while Twitter is providing a firehose blast of election and debate related “tweets” at their election site, election.twitter.com, I’ve found that a more Nashville-centric filtered view of what’s taking place can be found by following the Twitter tag #nashdate on Twitter search — here’s a direct link to that search: #nashdebate. (If you’re a Twitter user, you don’t have to include a “#” for your tweet to get picked up by Twitter search, however, it is used by some third-party services.)

I haven’t checked all the other media-sharing sites, but I feel certain the tag “nashdebate” will be the Nashville blogosphere’s tag-of-preference today.

So welcome to Nashville. And, no matter who you are supporting for President, I hope he wins. (That’s what Southern hospitality is all about.)

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