Rex’s random links for 10.10.08*

SearchCube: Search results are presented in a 3-D cube that can be spun and tilted. It’s more fun than functional, but it also demonstrates that information does not have to always be presented in the conventional ways we’ve come to expect after centuries of getting accustomed to flat surfaces. (via:

Southern Festival of Books Sessions: One of my favorite events of the year is being held this weekend. As you can see from the list, there are lots of great authors in town, so if you’re in Nashville, check it out. (If you use Twitter, tag your updates with #sfob08 so we can follow along what you’re doing at

*Recently, I’ve had some issues with a feature on that generates a daily post of all the sites I’ve bookmarked there during the previous 24-hours. I’m also discovering that my bookmarking is more easily carried out by using the clippings feature on NetNewsWire/NewsGator and pointing an RSS feed of it to my FriendFeed account. But that only covers a small and geeky portion of the people who read this blog, so I’ve decided to do a daily (or less) “link” post that collects just of the few things I add to the clippings file.