Rex’s random links for 10.12.08*

Those With Sense of History May Find It’s Time to Invest | Quote – “The four most dangerous words for investors are: This time is different.” My Take: I predict a robust run-up by the bulls on Monday.

Apple to release networked HDTVs | Quote – “They’ll function like a standard TV with an Apple TV box, only without the need for the box.” My take: As this is based on something Jason Calacanis he heard from a credible source, it could be speculation mis-interpreted along the way as “credible” information. That said, I believe it will happen someday. Indeed, I included it as #8 on my September 5, 2006 list of “All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need

MP3 players threaten users’ hearing | Quote – “People who listen to personal music players for only five hours a week at a high volume may be doing permanent damage to their hearing.” My Take: Huh? (Related: The truthiness of iPod ear,, January 9, 2006)

The Rise of the Machines: This piece reads like science fiction (say, the Terminator) where the machines take over the world — if only someone had done whatever was necessary to stop the technologists before they programmed the computers that set it all into motion. The credit crisis and market meltdown, cast in this way, make science fiction seem a bit too real. The piece gets especially eery on page 2.

*Recently, I’ve had some issues with a feature on that generates a daily post of all the sites I’ve bookmarked there during the previous 24-hours. I’m also discovering that my bookmarking is more easily carried out by using the clippings feature on NetNewsWire/NewsGator and pointing an RSS feed of it to my FriendFeed account. But that only covers a small and geeky portion of the people who read this blog, so I’ve decided to do a daily (or less) “link” post that collects just of the few things I add to the clippings file.