Why older men are getting smarter

evolution of man

By mashing up two “survey/research” news stories, a practice I lambast when others do it, I have a theory for why men seem to grow smarter, the older I, I mean, they, get.

First, there’s this research that claims 2/3rds of men age 18-34 say they cannot live without the internet vs. only 1/3rd who can’t live without television” and that 40% of such men use the internet more than 22 hours per week. That sounds about right for me. (Although I will not be making any comments related to other findings of the research.)

Second, it appears that some researchers at UCLA have found that for middle-age and older people, using the internet helps boost brain power.

Thus, I conclude, men — especially “older men” — because they are using the Internet so much, are getting especially smart.

Later: Doc Searls is getting smarter.