Help for Joe the Plumber


Last night on Twitter, much fun erupted when the name Joe the Plumber started being used repeatedly during the Presidential debate. While first referencing one individual, the tag soon came to represent all small business owners and those who’d like to start a small business. For a few hours, at least, I even designated the official website of Joe the Plumber.

Today, however, I awoke to learn that the term Joe the Plumber is now being used as a synonym for Joe Six-pack — the middle America guy. And the poor real Joe guy is getting all sorts of flak from everywhere. So while is no longer the official website of Joe the Plumber, Joe would find some good advice there on the How to start a plumbing business page.

Later: Wow. When I wrote this post, Joe the Plumber was still just a metaphor. Now (24-hours later), he has become a symbol of how modern Presidential campaigns are waged. The war-rooms of both campaigns have been spinning Joe so much, I’m dizzy. So, for the record, this post is strictly focused on how to start a plumbing business.