Radar magazine enters pre-re-launch period


The bi-annual folding of Radar magazine occurred yesterday, however, and of course, the website will live on — it has been purchased by AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer and Star.

This makes the third time Radar has folded.

Some of my antique posts about Radar’s previous launches and closings:

April 14, 2003: Small talk My first post about Radar included perhaps the best advice I’ve ever written on this blog: “Don’t confuse a David Carr profile with success.” (The advice is universal. It merely means that hype does not equal success, somthing that Radar magazine has proven time and again.)

April 21, 2003: A blip on the screen

July 27, 2003: Radar bites the buzz bait

December 14, 2005: Who would have ever predicted this? Radar to vanish from the radar

April 11, 2005: Here we go again.

June 26, 2006: My last post on the subject of Radar Magazine (I lied.)

December 26, 2006: In my predictions for 2007, #3 is (Radar) will launch and close again in 2007, setting up another relaunch in 2008.