I’m following most of ABC News executive guidelines


ABC News executives told to avoid
deluxe travel and newspapers.

Perhaps you saw where ABC News has instituted new “guidelines” to “reduce administrative costs” during the slow economy. It includes instructions to cancel subscriptions to print media and to travel more down-scale.

After looking at the guidelines, I’ve decided to jump on board:

I will cancel all of my newspaper subscriptions (oh, wait, I did that years ago).

I will make sure my business travel is “one grade below” anything that ABC news executives have ever experienced. (Note: I am, however, an “A-List” passenger on Southwest — so I paid for that free spot at the front of the line by standing in at least 32 previous lines.)

I will continue to stay at “B” hotels — although I think Hampton Inns are a solid A- for providing me with free wifi.

I will cancel subscriptions to general news magazines — or to those not already cancelled.

I will cancel subscriptions to magazines that are poorly designed and written.

I will cancel subscriptions to magazines that contain NO information or insight critical (or even mildly interesting) to my work or life.

I will cancel subscriptions to magazines that do not feed the passions I believe give my life meaning.

However, for those magazines that do: they are a bargain at any price.

Other things I will do to be more productive during the slow economy: Rather than watch any ABC News programming or visit any website related to ABC News, I will do something that is informative and valuable.