Interview with Paul Rossi (publisher of the Economist)

(From the Future of Business Media Conference) These are rough notes, not quotes.

On strategy in this type of environment: You don’t change your strategy. We won’t be pulling back from our marketing strategy. Our strategy for growing in this market will stay the same. We have a unique focus and what’s happening in the world is what we’ve been writing about for 100+ years.

On thinking about the brand: Managing the brand — or growing it — is something we’ve placed a lot of emphasis. In the UK, the understanding of the brand is completely different that here. We have a plan in the U.S. that goes city-by-city. We have a person working on executing that. We have events. We have things online — We’ve built an electoral college for different countries so the whole world can vote for President of the U.S.

On ‘feeding’ younger people into the brand: We have all sorts of widgets and involvement with social networks.

On different strategies for different countries: Different places one goes on newsstands. Different pricing in different countries. We spent a lot of effort in the U.S. because we discovered there were 2.5 million who should be reading us. (Based on lot of data points related to media consumption, membership in international fliers clubs, ownership.) That’s why we decided to spend the time and resources to be here.

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