Almost one-third of Tennesseans have already voted

WKRN-TV’s blogger/twitterist Christian Grantham has been tracking early voting statistics for the past three weeks and notes that as of Monday, 1,105,980 Tennesseans have already voted in what “next Tuesday’s” election. That represents almost 30% of Tennessee’s registered voters, suggesting that the state could see well over one-third of voters opting to vote early. (I voted last week and will post some video when I can get around to it.)

For those of you whose states do not have early voting, I can’t stress how great it is. In Tennessee, early voting begins 20 days before the election and ends 5 days before it (in other words, it ends tomorrow – October 30). Early voting includes Saturdays, which I think is a great option for many people. (Here is a link to Nashville/Davidson County early voting locations and times.)

Early voting is not exactly like voting on Election Day — but I’ve noticed that over the years, it is getting closer and close. The number of voting locations is greatly reduced during the early voting period — and voters can go to any location. In other words, they are not required to go to their local precinct as on election day. In a rather impressive way, the voting locations have the technology and network capable of accessing a central database that prevents voters from voting more than once in different locations.

Here’s a state-by-state break down of early voting practices.