President Barack Obama

Barack Obama has just been declared the winner of the election and will be the President of the United States in January.

Millions of words will be written by millions of other people that will be far more eloquent than anything I could write tonight. But I wanted to record this moment for myself and to note how proud I am to be an American tonight.

We live in a cynical age; in an age where we focus so much on what separates us.

Tonight, I want to believe that we can be defined by what can bring us together. By what can make us strong.

Tonight, I want to believe that America is a place where anything, anything, is possible if enough people believe that yes, they can.

I will, without doubt, disagree with Barack Obama on some of his policies. The possibility that I won’t like his policies seems trivial when compared to the reality of what has happened tonight.

Barack Obama is now my President and I can’t be more proud.

Later: Obama’s speech was stunning.