(Re-post) Confessions of a social media geek

(Sorry, but for some reason, an earlier post of this got deleted. Sorry if that caused some lost comments or bad links.)

Here’s how I know I’m a hopeless social media geek: The world is awash in real news about the election of a new President — true history as I wrote in posts last night. But my personal radar of news gathering tools is pinging me about news that in Japan, Twitter is launching a “groups” feature.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, in no way is a big deal like the election of Barack Obama. But for a hopeless geek like me who is obsessed with understanding — and helping clients use — social media tools and approaches, I know (or, at least, I am personally convinced) that a “groups” feature will transform Twitter into something businesses and other organizations will depend on like oxygen.

Last night, during the election coverage I was cable-TV channel and website surfing election coverage and was amused to see how most media organizations were trying to hack some type of “groups” on Twitter — mostly through the use of #hashtags or parsing the Twitter API for keywords. To anyone watching on TV, however, the way Twitter was being displayed and explained made it sound like something it’s not: a drive-by bulletin board where people say random stuff.

Twitter, however, is not noise for those who know how to listen to it.

One day, that will make sense to you.

Groups could help that day come sooner.