Which Glue is stickier?


Via inquisitr.com, I learned that something called Yahoo! Glue has launched. According to Duncan Riley, Yahoo! says Glue was tested in India and was so successful, the U.S. version has been cranked up. I only mention this because last week I mentioned another product called Glue — watch this video to see what it does. Don’t confuse the two glues. The Yahoo! one is less than impressive upon my first glance (but then, I’m not a user of the service it appears to be knocking off.) On the other hand, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m finding that my early sniffing of Glue (from the company, Adpaptive Blue) is making me high on it — and now there’s an iPhone App version.

I especially like Adpative Blue’s Glue because I finally get to explain what the term “semantic web” means with an easy-to-understand example of a service that begins to fulfill the long-held promise of that concept. While I mentioned it in my earlier post, I plan on posting a demo later to explain what “semantics” (in this use of the word) are all about.