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magazine launch
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Sometimes, I just have to break my practice of not posting items about the launching or closing of specific magazine titles. Like this morning when I came across this press release for a new magazine in Finland called Champagne that claims to be, “the world’s first international champagne magazine.” According to the release, the magazine “is filled with intriguing stories about the most accessible luxury in the world, champagne, and the distinctive people behind it.”


“Each issue has articles on champagne vintages, legends, science, dining, and more, as well as up-to-date tasting notes. The 152+ page magazine puts great weight into its photographs and visuals, making sure everything comes together as a stunning package – a cross between a magazine and a coffee table book.

While, in light of what’s taking place in the world’s economy, it may appear that their timing is amusing — I know it made me chuckle. However, upon reflection, I’ll make a prediction: It will succeed. Why? Because its publishers seem to understand what magazines can do that other media can’t.

Also, champagne is a relatively cheap reminder of what life used to be like when one had access to the corporate jet.